I hate welcome posts, everyone says the same thing; “Hey everyone welcome to my blog, ill be discussing… blah blah blah”. I’m bored already lol.

Basically if you’re here you probably follow me on social media already so you have an insight into my life and the things I appreciate.

I’ve battled over the years with writing a blog, I’ve done it so many times and stopped because as much as I love writing, I’m not too keen on letting people in to my personal life. I do feel like I’m in a place now however where I can open up a little more and discuss things that I wouldn’t have in the past.

So I shall use this as an outlet, to debate, to share and also to post outfit deets (obvs) and the million dollar fuckin question that I get asked every day,

Where do I buy my jeans lol

Comment, subscribe, let me know what you want to read, do all that fun stuff.

Peace & Love.



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