Hi November.

Chapter 11 out of 12. How has this year gone so fast?! I feel like every single year goes by quicker and quicker the older we get.

November is a special month for me, not only is it my birthday (Nov 10th) but also the month before the last month of the year. Its a month where I reflect and also plan for the next chapter of my life. I’m such a hugeee birthday person, I always make a big deal about birthdays but at the same time I always feel like shit Im running out of time.

This year I’ve made a decision to not feel that way. Who even knows how much time we each have? Nobody, but God. Whats the point in living everyday like its a race to reach the finish line, when the finish line could be tomorrow. Life is such a blessing I vow to bring each year in with gratitude and self love. How blessed am I to be young, healthy, have such amazing friends and family and on top of that live to see another year.

If you think about it we are so so so lucky to be on this earth. We will only get this experience once so please please do everything you possibly can in this life time. I’ve realized that social media has made it seem like if you’re goal isn’t to be rich and live an extravagant life then you’re not ambitious enough. This is bullshit. I want financial freedom and a nice lifestyle because its what I enjoy, HOWEVER, there is nothing wrong with your goal being to start a family, or to find inner peace, or just to love yourself, or travel and see the world. Dont let what other peoples lives appear to look like alter the reality you want for yourself.

“Living the truth that you know is the greatest service you can offer the world”

This statement from the book Im reading pretty much sums up how I feel at this moment in time. Sometimes I get sucked in to the ideology that life is supposed to be like this, and u are supposed to have reached a certain goal by a certain age and all the rest of it, but actually we are all on our OWN individual paths and as long as we are living in OUR truth then nothing else matters.

RT x

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