How to keep your woman happy.

I don’t know how many males read my blog but this one is for you. I know sometimes understanding the mind of a woman can be like a really difficult jigsaw puzzle but honestly we’re quite easily pleased. The little things matter to us the most but they are often things that get overlooked. I thought I would give you guys some pointers cos you know, happy wife, happy life.  Thank me later.

  1. Always text her/call her to say Good Morning and Good Night. Even after an argument. This one little text will have her smiling the whole day.
  2. Always have something to look forward to. This one here is major key. Women like to have something to be excited about, it doesn’t have to be a huge deal, could be date night every week/2 weeks/month depending on the two of you. Could be a holiday, could just be a night in, no phones allowed, just the two of you, whatever it is, set a date, make a plan and give her something to look forward to.
  3. Surprise her. I don’t care what she says, even if she doesn’t like surprises, she will appreciate a surprise. There are obvious ones like flowers for no reason, cook for her if you don’t usually do the cooking, but there are other things you could do like bring lunch to her work or meet her for lunch whilst she’s at work. If she’s into poetry write her a poem, or if thats too soppy write her a hand written letter that she can read whenever you guys argue to remind her how much you mean to her. Run her a bath when she comes back from work, or give her a massage. Surprises don’t have to cost money but the little things go a long way.
  4. Spend quality time. Its 2017 were all busy were all trying to make money, we all want to be successful, we understand that. But this means that the time you do get to spend together should be even more precious. If your time together is limited make a vow to both put your phones away and just reconnect with one another. Communication goes a long way. Eliminate all distractions even if its just for an hour and focus on her. I guarantee you it wont go unnoticed.
  5. Don’t have her looking stupid out here. A woman’s worst fear is that her man will have her looking stupid out here in these streets. Don’t do that to her, no other woman should be able to tell her anything about her man that she doesn’t already know. If you feel the need to do something thats gonna have her lookin’ dumb then do us a favour and just leave. Being loyal means behind her back too.
  6. Be honest. I cant lie the truth hurts sometimes but lies hurt so much more. Men don’t love to talk about feelings as much as we do but I cant say this enough ( and this is from experience), if you sit us down and tell us what it is you don’t like, or if you feel a way about something, it is much more likely we can come to a resolution. What people tend to do is hold shit in, then start to resent their woman, then it all builds up and they one day explode. Just sit us down and talk to us, we like effective communication.
  7. Compliment her. Be her biggest fan. This is more for the couples who have been together for a while. I know at the beginning when your both gassed off one another the compliments come naturally. But they shouldn’t stop,  if she’s lookin’ sexy tell her! Guarantee it will make her want to look sexy for you more often. Gas her up, be her biggest fan. People get confused and think the attention of many gasses us, No. The attention from the one gasses us more than anything else.
  8. Stimulate her mind. Nothing sexier than a man that can educate you. It doesn’t have to be academic, you could take time out to learn together. Buy her a book that might be of interest to her, or start reading a book together. Watch documentaries about something of mutual interest to you. Talk to her about an experience you’ve been through that she could learn from. Whatever it is, its sexy to be able to learn from your man.
  9. Make plans for the future. If you intend on spending your future with her of course. Don’t just get to the point where your both just sailing through life. Plans show commitment. Discuss goals, could be buying a house, starting a business together, maybe saving a certain amount of money together.  We like to know that you’re in it for the long run. It makes us smile. Trust me.
  10. Be her best friend. Don’t just be her man, be her best friend. Allow her to talk to you about anything, let her be comfortable with you. Don’t be so friendly that you lose the chemistry lol but always make her feel she has somebody to talk to, have her back. I believe that relationships should be built on solid friendships. Putting aside the sexual part, that girl should be your homie. Be that person she can count on and you become irreplaceable. Pretty faces come around every day B, but solid friendships are rare.

Hope that helps you guys. I cant speak for all women but most women I know, all of the above would keep them very happy!

Thank me later


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  1. Great read! Everything you said is very true. We as females appreciate the smallest of things, the sooner guys realise the better.
    And yes Best friends first over everything!


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