An October Prayer.

I actually can’t believe we are in October, I remember it being October last year, I remember exactly how I felt 365 days ago. It seems like each year goes quicker and quicker. Anyway I felt like writing an October Prayer for anyone who needs it. I pray the last quarter of the year is all that you need it to be.

I hope when you lay down at night your conscience is clear, I hope you find peace.

I hope you feel gratitude with each breath that you take, I hope you find joy.

I hope your heart is clean and filled with Gold , I hope you find love.

I hope your spirit dances inside of you, I hope you feel free.

I hope you win every battle you encounter, and if you don’t I hope you see the lesson as a blessing, I hope you find strength.

I hope each day brings you a reason to laugh, I hope you find happiness.

I hope you never lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel, I hope you have faith.

I hope you share your flame with others, I hope you find purpose.

I hope you wear your scars proudly, I hope you find confidence.

I hope you make room for growth and new opportunities, I hope you find yourself.


Happy October Guys!



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